Frequently Asked Questions for Fiddler's Cove Owners

After reading this document, if you have additional questions please send them via the Feedback form.
This website serves three main purposes.
  1. Promote Fiddler's Cove and Hilton Head Island by providing current and dynamic information.
  2. Provide vacationers and potential renters with a general website that includes a listing of all Fiddler's Cove rental units.
  3. Provide your family and friends with a personalized website that can be used to promote your individual rental unit.
Rental units will only appear for owners who have signed up for this service. Specific benefits of "signing up" include:
  • Save time and money by not having to create or host your own website.
  • Save time and money by not having to fool with domain name registration, management fees, etc.
  • Your current renters will have access to Fidler's Cove information including rules, regulations, maps, etc.
  • Potential renters will be able to view both generic Fiddler's Cove information and also customized information about your individual villa.
  • This website will provide you with your own availability calendar, image gallery and customer feedback forms.
  • Extremely easy interface for updating your villa details, availability calendar and villa images.
  • You will be provided a custom link to provide to your family, friends and other potential renters. This link will bring users to this site, but only your individual villa information will be displayed. All other rental units will be hidden. Basically, this provides you with your own personal and customizable website!
  • Keep control of your villa rentals by providing a more personal and customized approach to renting.
  • Using other sites such as VRBO does not prevent you from using this service.
    • This site is customized and designed specifically for Fiddler's Cove owners.
    • Annual cost for VRBO is $350. Annual cost for this service is only $35.
    • You will be in direct control of your renters. If desired, you can direct your renters to VRBO to complete their booking.
    • This site does not charge any comission on rentals. You keep 100%.
For only $35/year you will have access to all the benefits listed above. This cost will be more than be covered by not having to host or manage your own website. Think of it this way... if this site helps promote or generates even one new rental during the next ten years, then your annual fee will be more than covered.

If you have additional questions, please send these in by clicking on the "Feedback" tab. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Signing up is easy and cost effective. Simply return to the Owners Only page, then scroll down to the "Signing Up Is Easy!" section.

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